• Introduction
  • Application
ABS plastic is widely applied in auto industry, commonly used as gears, fender, handrail, vane, bearing, handle, tube, splice, meter housing and instrument board. The application of ABS plastic has wide prospect in household appliances and home electronics, such as television, radio cassette recorder, refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, air conditioner and dust collector. Applications of ABS plastic in daily necessities include shoe, office equipment, toy and other containers. .


  • Golf club heads
  • Enclosures for electrical and
  • electronic assemblies
  • Luggage and protective
  • carrying cases
  • Toys
  • Automotive trim components
  • Edging for furniture and joinery
  • panels
  • Kitchen & Home appliances
  • Helmets
S .No Material Description
1 ABS Unfilled Natural
2 ABS Color Compounds
3 ABS Unfilled Black (High Gloss )
4 ABS 20% glass filled Natural
5 ABS 20% glass filled Black